Ohio Forest Management

Forest Management

Timber provides a renewable resource that can provide valuable income for your family for generations.  Advanced Hardwoods offers a no obligation consultation and review of your property. 

Advanced Hardwood's sawmill located in Holmes County, Ohio produces superior hardwood lumber and wood products for customers worldwide.

Ohio forest management in practice.

Our Ohio forest management services cover Northeastern, North Central, and Central Ohio.  

We offer free estimates, professional advice and dedicated logging crews.  We operate with care to ensure a healthy forest for generations upon completion.

Ohio is known to produce some of the finest hardwood timber around.  The oak, poplar, cherry, and walnut are highly sought after for the superior quality of lumber they produce.  

As trees age past their prime they diminish in value due to disease, deterioration or insects.  Trees past their prime also can weaken and fall damaging smaller trees and forest undergrowth.  To maximize your timber harvest mature trees should be timbered before they get past their prime.

When deciding to harvest timber, the potential financial gain is an important factor.  Depending on the type of hardwood, size, and age of the tree, sales can be lucrative.  For many families and individuals the sale of timber is a financial investment.  Standing timber is a stable form of wealth, often comparable to mutual fund investments.

What is a proper selection harvest?

  1. It applies to forest types that have the capability to regenerate under their own shade such as Ohio hardwoods (maple, oak, walnut, etc.). 
  2. The stand objective should be trees of various species, sizes, and ages.
  3. The trees selected for harvest leave the residual stand in better condition than before the harvest.  “Better” has to do with tree health, tree quality, growing space, species mix, and other factors.
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Proper Ohio Forest Management Generates More Income

Harvesting timber is correctly done when it focuses on what is left after the harvest as well as what is removed during the harvest.   Cutting mature trees, poorer quality or defective trees fosters growth and quality in residual trees.  Advanced Hardwoods specializes in selective harvests only removing the mature trees, damaged or diseased trees, and low quality or invasive trees that are ready for harvest, and leaves the rest to grow and mature for a future harvest.  Using this practice ensures your forest can continue to generate income over time for the landowner.

Best Management Practices used in Timbering

Depending on the layout of your property and if it has been logged before we will either work with existing logging roads or construct new ones.  Our mission is to create the most efficient system possible to remove the timber.

Upon completion of logging our crews will reclaim the log landing and ensure all the logging paths are open. Best management practices are used by placing water bars where needed to prevent soil erosion. Bridges are used to cross streams to protect water quality and log landings and skid paths are cleared of large tree tops and debris to allow for grass to regenerate.

After Logging Is Finished

After logging, the ground looks a bit rough.

One Year Later

One year later, the location looks amazing!