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Advanced Hardwoods, LLC is a full service logging company specializing in select timber harvesting to promote new growth. Our sister company Advanced Forest Products is an operational sawmill providing lumber products for both wholesale and retail markets.

Advanced Hardwoods is a start to finish operation. We begin the process with a timber cruise or timber walk to evaluate your timber harvest. Our timber buyer presents a contract and all timber is paid in full before any trees are harvested. Our trained logging crews remove the timber, our professional truck drivers haul the logs to our sawmill (Advanced Forest Products), and our sawmill staff mills the logs into finish grade lumber that is sold for furniture, flooring, cabinets and much more. By choosing Advanced Hardwoods you eliminate the need for a broker or middle man allowing you a greater return on you timber sale.

Advanced Hardwoods operates throughout the north central part of the state of Ohio.

Forest management services.

Forest Management

The first crucial step in forest management is selecting a trusted timber harvesting company. Advanced Hardwoods delivers this to customers.  With proper care and commitment to sustainable practices, a landowner’s property will continue to grow and be poised to future harvesting for generations.  Hiring a professional to harvest your timber is one way to demonstrate commitment to managing your natural resources.

Timber Purchasing

Advanced Hardwoods purchases timber throughout Ohio. We will give you options if your property is not large enough to support a logging crew and equipment. We purchase timber as well as logs.

We will give you a free appraisal of your timber. If you do not have enough timber or mature timber we will share as much information as we can to provide future harvests of your timber. We will review any management plans that could improve the overall health of your woods to promote future timber harvests.

Timber purchasing.


  • Trained Logging Crews ~ Our team of trained logging crews uses Best Management Practices (BMP) to harvest your timber.  This provides directional felling techniques to protect smaller trees, soil erosion protection, and safety.
  • Land Reforestation ~ Timber harvesting can actually improve your land by creating a healthy and productive forest.  The wildlife habitat is improved, logging roads give landowners additional access, and forest regeneration will create a timber stand improvement as well as long term well being for your woods.
  • Select Cutting ~ Clear cutting can greatly diminish the value of your property, Advanced Hardwoods promotes selective cutting practices to remove mature trees that are ready for harvest and leave the immature trees for future harvests.

Our logging crews have over 20 years of experience harvesting timber. Depending on the lay out of your property and if it has been logged before, we will either work with existing logging roads or construct new ones. Our goal is to create the most efficient and effective system possible to remove the timber and minimize the impact of logging on your property. We also install portable bridges when necessary for crossing creeks and streams.

Selective Harvesting

Advanced Hardwoods provides an array of forestry services from timber stand appraisals, timber harvest, and site regeneration.  We hold ourselves to high industry standards while recognizing the company’s environmental responsibilities for providing a forest for the future.

Timber harvesting plans are created for each individual land owner. Selective harvesting maintains an overall timber stand improvement, wildlife habitat improvement and a financial benefit to the landowner.

We hold ourselves to high industry standards while recognizing the company’s environmental responsibilities for providing a forest for the future.

Selective harvesting
Wildlife Habitat Improvement.

Wildlife Habitat Improvements

Most people think logging is bad for wildlife; however, when timber harvest is performed correctly it can increase the numbers of wildlife and well as the quality of the habitats.

  • Removing large mature timber creates holes in the canopy thus allowing sunlight to penetrate down to the ground.  This allows new vegetation to flourish where previously there wasn’t any.  Animals thrive on this new growth as a source of food and shelter.
  • The tops of the trees are left on the property to provide valuable cover for deer and other wildlife.  It also provides nutrients for the soil as the dead branches decay thus recycling and returning to nature.  Tree tops also protect seedlings and saplings allowing for the regeneration of the forest.

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