Richland County Ohio Timber Buyer

Selling Timber in Richland County Ohio 

If you are considering selling your timber in Richland County Ohio, Advanced Hardwoods is looking to purchase it. We are a buyer of standing timber in Ohio and we focus on the timber in Richland County and surrounding areas.  Usually the quality of timber in Richland County is excellent, if you own property with mature timber in the county contact us. We would love to take a look at it and give you a price.   

What is my Timber Worth?

Working directly with us eliminates the middleman.  We are a start to finish logging and lumber producer.  We see the process through from initial timber cruise to timber harvest and the stacking and shipment of the finished lumber products.  Advanced Hardwoods takes care of everything eliminating the use of a middle man (that you would have to pay).  This secures landowners a higher price for their timber.  You will work direct with the sawmill thus eliminating the need for a forester, broker or middle man enabling you to get better prices for your trees.

  • Fair, honest accountable deals with Advanced Hardwoods and the customer
  • Priority to landowners needs and forest health
  • Commission free consultants to put more money in your pocket
  • Direct sale with one of the area’s premier manufacturer of hardwood lumber
  • Fully Insured
Standing Timber

 Advanced Hardwoods listens to landowners to meet their objectives for their property.  We try to leave a minimal footprint by practicing best management practices. 

The Timber Selling Process

Below we have listed the steps that we normally take in the timber selling process. Keep in mind every job and situation is different and steps may vary slightly. 

Timber Walk and Evaluation  

Our timber buyer will walk your property and note the quality and quantity of the timber as well as species.  He will determine the property lines and the best timber management plan for your property.  This may include holding off on harvesting your timber for several years. Landowners do not have to be present for the timber walk; however, landowners are encouraged to walk the property with the timber buyer so that all expectations can be discussed.

Timber Price and Contract  

Advanced Hardwoods provides a price based on the quality of the timber, species, quantity, difficulty of the harvest, and estimated board footage.  After evaluating the property a price is calculated and presented to the landowner.  If you want to sell your timber a contract for the timber is completed and a payment is made for the timber upon the completion and signing of the contract.

Logging the Timber

Our logging crew use best management practices and directional felling techniques to prevent damage to the surrounding trees.  We take care to minimize the damage to the non harvest trees.  We try to maintain a minimal impact to your property.

Upon completion of the logging process and before our logging crews leave your property they will reclaim the log yard and skidder paths. Each job site is unique and requires a different approach to cleanup.  We intend to leave your property in the best shape possible before we leave. 
Logging Timber

Our timber buyer and logging crews are comprised our hard working, diligent, ethical, and dedicated outdoorsmen that are trained to the high standards set by the Advanced Hardwoods owners.

Our Logging services provide you with a fair honest price for your timber.  We treat your property with respect to protect wildlife habitats and minimize damage to forest undergrowth.  

We look forward to working with you in the future, and we thank you for taking an interest in our company.

Advanced Hardwoods provides excellent customer service and would like to be your forest management company to gain a relationship with you and for years to come.