Frequently Asked Questions


Timber FAQ's.

Here are the most common FAQ's that we hear in regards to timber. If you have questions about the timber we buy, read through here and then if your questions are not answered yet, feel free to reach out to us directly and ask us your questions.

What is my timber worth?

Timber value is based on size and quality of the logs cut from your trees and current market value.  It is difficult to value your timber from our office without and onsite inspection. Our timber buyer will be happy to appraise your timber and discuss the best harvesting options for your timber. Certain species are more valuable than others primarily walnut, red oak and white oak.  The exact value also varies according to local market conditions.

Can I sell trees damaged from a storm?

Usually yes, as long as the timber has not started to rot from being on the ground for an extended period of time. The faster you have our timber buyer look at your storm damaged property the faster you can sell.

Do you purchase land with timber?

Yes, Advanced Hardwoods is always open to purchasing the land as well as the timber.  If you are looking to sell your wooded property and have at least 10 acres contact us.

Is there a minimum amount of acres required for an appraisal?

We prefer a minimum of five acres, however, depending on your property we may be able to harvest less than the minimum (an excellent walnut crop is one example of this).  If you have a timber crop don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you purchase trees from my yard?

Typically we do not purchase trees from an individual’s yard.  These trees usually tend to contain metal or hardware that can be hidden under the bark, this can cause damage to saw blades and timber processing equipment.  If your yard is on a wooded lot or the trees are from a natural forest we would consider looking at them. 

Will harvesting trees destroy my property?

No, however, it will take a few years for the property to “heal”.  Properly managed harvests will improve the overall health of your woods and can potentially yield future harvests if managed properly.  Upon completion of the job all landings and skid roads are leveled off and any grading is done to prevent erosion.

Timber harvesting is an important part of any forest management plan.  Timber has a natural lifespan, and if left to mature indefinitely; your trees begin to decline.  Removing mature trees allows sunlight to penetrate the woods and allows saplings to grow which is healthy for your woods.

Will harvesting timber affect the wildlife in my woods?

Ohio wildlife benefits from the increase in forest undergrowth and abundance of habitats that it creates.  The tree tops provide shelter for a variety of animals including rabbits, deer, and turkey, as well as providing nutrients back into the soil.

How big does the timber need to be?

Advanced Hardwoods prefers that the trees are 16” or greater in diameter.

Is there a fee for someone to look at my woods?

No, our timber buyer will complete a timber cruise on your property free of charge. Landowners do not have to be present for the timber cruise; however, landowners are encouraged to walk the property with the timber buyer so that all expectations can be discussed.

Is the price of timber down?

Timber prices fluctuate naturally from the time of year, market demand and economy. Advanced Hardwoods has consistent markets for lumber and ensure top dollar for your timber.

How are trees harvested?

Our logging crews cut all timber with a hand held chainsaw. This creates less equipment brought into the woods thus creating less overall damage to your property. The cut trees are pulled to the log landing by a skidder and are loaded on to trucks with a knuckleboom loader.  Tree tops and smaller limbs from the trees are left on the property. This can be cut into firewood or left for wildlife habitat. Our video on the home page will show our operations from start to finish.