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Advanced Hardwoods is a full-service logging company specializing in select timber harvesting to promote new growth. Our sister company Advanced Forest Products is an operational sawmill providing lumber products for both wholesale and retail markets.

Advanced Hardwoods is a start to finish operation. We begin the process with a timber cruise or timber walk to evaluate your timber harvest. Our timber buyer presents a contract and all timber is paid in full before any trees are harvested. Our trained logging crews remove the timber, our professional truck drivers haul the logs to our sawmill (Advanced Forest Products), and our sawmill staff mills the logs into finish grade lumber that is sold for furniture, flooring, cabinets, and much more. By choosing Advanced Hardwoods you eliminate the need for a broker or middle man allowing you a greater return on your timber sale.

Advanced Hardwoods operates throughout the north-central part of the state of Ohio.

We Buy Timber and Land

Timber and land harvesting

The first crucial step in forest management is selecting a trusted timber harvesting company. Advanced Hardwoods delivers this to customers.  With proper care and commitment to sustainable practices, a landowner’s property will continue to grow and be poised to future harvesting for generations.  Hiring a professional to harvest your timber is one way to demonstrate […]